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Priests for Youth


World Youth Days, initiated by blessed John Paul II, have shaped youth ministries in the recent life of the Church. Blessed John Paul is thus known not only as the Pope of the family, but also as the Pope of the Youth.

From the early beginnings of our religious family, the figure of John Paul II fascinated that young group who wanted to follow Christ and who wanted to help other youth to find their way of holiness. Since then, our youth ministry became an important part of the work of our institute.

Our experience with World Youth Days began in Santiago of Compostela (1989). The pilgrimage experience impacted us in such a way that, ever since then, we organize a pilgrimage every year during the time of formation to which we invite other youth participate. The pilgrimages have become an essential element of our apostolate with youth.

jovenes.jpgWith this spirit, we bring together youth groups called Emmaus as one of the branches of Families of Bethany. Aware of the fact that life is a pilgrimage, we place ourselves in Mary’s hands that she may lead us to Christ and help us in the mission with which He entrusts us.

We offer the youth who participate in Emmaus a way of holiness which includes: a rule of life based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and the pilgrimage; formation activities to help them grow in their vocation; service to the Church in several ministries.

We offer youth:

  • Within Families of Bethany, the branch of Emmaus, with its activities related to prayer, formation and apostolates
  • Spiritual formation through spiritual direction and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
  • Summer camps and pilgrimages