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Priests for Married Couples


One of our main ministries is to help married couples to grow in their own way of holiness, which is their own marriage and their family. As priests we want to be close to them, participating in their own family life, sharing their concerns, accompanying them in their joys and in their sorrows.

Our studies in the John Paul II Pontifical Institute have helped us to go deeper in the originality of marriage and to better understand its specific way of holiness. Alongside John Paul II and Benedict XVI we learn to discover the centrality of human love. Man cannot live without love. Love is the fundamental and innate vocation of every human being.

Marriage is the ordinary path of this love according to the original plan of God who created human being as man and woman in his own image and likeness. In marriage, man and woman give themselves to one another in the totality of their corporal-spiritual being, sharing a common friendship whose foundation is the love of Christ toward the Church.

matrimonio.jpgOne of our roles as priests is to help spouses to root their love in Christ, living a solid Eucharistic life. Marriage, enriched with the grace of the sacrament, has a proper and specific spirituality. It is a sacrament that fosters and assists the spouses to sanctify one each other. As the spouses discover that their love is perfected and raised by the Holy Spirit transforming it into conjugal charity, they find their proper way of holiness.

This way of holiness requires the integration in unity of the various dimensions of our life, which is so often compartmentalized: family, work, rest, prayer. In an effort to find this unity of life, the spouses need practices to help them care in a special way for their relationship, to give their work a dimension of interiority, to live in their own paternity the mystery of the divine Paternity and to help their children to grow in their human and Christian life.

We offer spouses: