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Priests for the family


familia.jpgEach religious family has a unique orientation in terms of their apostolate. We characterize ourselves by a special dedication to the family, which is inspired by the life and teaching of John Paul II. Following in his footsteps, we desire to help families discover human love as a way of holiness. Every true experience of love opens a path to God who is the original wellspring of love. In the family we learn that the person can fulfill himself fully in the true gift of oneself.

Love appears, then, as a fundamental dimension of the life of each person and it is learned primarily in the relationships within the family: each one of us lives love as sons and daughters and then as spouses in a total and fecund gift of one’s self that opens us to a paternity or a maternity.

One aspect of our relationships with families that leads to much fruit is the complementarity of the vocation to marriage and the vocation to religious life. From our consecration we bring the presence of Christ to the life of the family. Our presence becomes a reminder that marriage is a sacrament that springs from Christ’s gift of Himself in the Eucharist.

As priests for the family we live also an experience of the family life in our own communities. We understand the Church, then, as a “family of families” in which each family is called to fulfill their human and Christian life.  It is for this reason that we work to offer within the Church a concrete way of holiness for the family.

We offer families:

  • Families of Bethany, Association of the Faithful, which offers families a space to grow within the Church
  • Spiritual support and direction