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Priests for children


As we serve the family, we seek to understand and promote the vocation of each of its members. In the Church there are different vocations that complement each other admirably in the mystery of communion. Similarly, we find diverse way of holiness in the domestic church, the family.

One of the ways that we explore and develop is the way of holiness for children. This stems from the awareness that each life story is written from the loving providence of God. Our mission, in communion with parents, is to discover this truth and to build upon it the life of our children. To promote this we offer children practices to grow in virtue that are appropriate to their life and level of maturity.

We have developed the education plan “Stella Maris” to serve the children. The pedagogy of the schools is based on the understanding of education as a vocation, as a call to participate and to fulfill the paternity of God, introducing the student into a life that is good, plentiful, meaningful, and fulfilled. This requires that we guard the mystery of the relationships that interweave the life and being of the child. It is in the encounter with others where the person will flourish. For this reason, we seek that children become good friends, good professionals, good sons and daughters. Thus, our education plan is based on the effective growth in the virtues.

We offer children:

  • Nazareth,” a branch of our Families of Bethany ministry, where we offer children a way of holiness marked at different stages by practices that are appropriate for their age and their pedagogical needs.