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Studies toward the Priesthood


estudio.jpgAfter the first stage of our education is completed, we begin the formation period that prepares us to receive the sacred orders and our future ministry. The core of this education is the philosophical-theological studies.

We are convinced that a solid theological education is the best foundation of the spiritual life. We are also convinced that the desire to know Jesus Christ is what moves us to study in depth, and to confront the high demands posed by our education. Two things characterize the way in which we live our theological formation: 1) our love of the Church and our fidelity toward its teachings; and 2) the desire to better serve the Church with a solid education which may require higher degrees, such as a Masters or a Doctorate.

We also encourage and promote exposure to those things that may help us in our overall formation, depending on the objectives of the Institute and the needs of the Church.  For this reason, we enrich our theological education with the study of the humanities, the reading the classics, the experiences throughout the various apostolates, sports and other leisure activities, and the joy of a communal life.