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Aware of the importance of education in the life of every single person, the Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary have designed the educational plan “Stella Maris.”

This plan is built upon three pillars:

  • The vocational character of teaching: the teacher recognizes his vocation as something beyond just a matter of personal preference; instead it is God’s call to participate in his paternity, introducing the student into a life that is good, plentiful, fulfilled, and accompanying him as the student grows in this life.
  • A particular attention to the relationships that are essential to the person: the teacher is tasked with the mission to guard the mystery of these relationships that interweave the life and being of the child. It is in the encounter with others where the person will flourish. For this reason, we seek that children become good friends, good professionals, good sons and daughters.
  • Education in virtues: the teacher educates in virtues and not just in values. In the latter, for example, a child would be able to appreciate, and rightly so, the beauty of a concert.  An education in virtues intends to go beyond this, teaching the person to be an instrumentalist in the orchestra, that he will be capable to play with geniality his own instrument.

These principles inspire the Stella Maris Schools:

We have also been entrusted the pastoral care of: