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Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

25th Anniversary 1987-2012


Throughout the year 2012 the Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary have celebrated the 25th anniversary of our our first official approval as a religious family. Since that time, we have had other significant official milestones in our life together but for us, 1987 will always be the year of our “birth” as Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

As we treasure these years, we recognize that the most important thing we have built or accomplished is our living in communion for our mission. Along with this most fundamental gift and task, the Lord has blessed us with incredible friends, vocations and mission opportunities.

The great hope for our ministry in the Church is to help Christian families to live their vocation to the full. We commit ourselves to helping you understand how lofty your vocation is, how much God loves each of one you and how beautiful the ideal of holiness is; indeed, it is the perfection of love. Our intention is to grow in holiness as we come closer to Christ and to each other in friendship. If there is something God has taught us in these twenty-five years of existence, it is that human love is a privileged pathway to God and a wonderful place to rediscover the central key of the family in the New Evangelization.

We invite you to join us in our giving thanks to the Father of mercies as we celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary praying for the continues blessings of God and an increase of vocation in our religious family.

We invite you to read the Testimony of Archbishop Charles J. Chaput or the homily of Bishop James D. Conley in the Mass of our 25th anniversary.