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Our Logo



The logo of the Disciples of the Heart of Jesus and Mary is composed by our cross and the greek letters alpha and omega. The design of the cross reproduces our monstrance. It was forged for us by a veteran blacksmith from near Villaescusa, for our first novitiate. Very soon, the monstrance became one of our identity symbols.

The vertical line, which represents God’s love, widens as it meets the horizontal line, which, in turn, represents love of man. God’s love and love of man interweave and open up a space in the center. It is the space for the Eucharist. Our monstrances reflect this mystery: it is possible to maintain the unity of God’s love and the love toward men thanks to the gift of Christ who gives himself. His giving of himself engenders a new love to God and to all men, making man capable of integrating in it all of his dimensions.

The logo is completed with the letters alpha and omega, the beginning and the end of the greek alphabet, embracing the cross. In the mystery of Christ’s love, who gives himself fully for us, we find the crowning of God’s plan, present already from the beginning. Christ is the beginning and the end. God thought of each one of us, loved in the Son and redeemed by Him, so that He would make it possible for us to participate in the fullness of the love in which He is loved by the Father in the Holy Spirit.