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Hearts of Jesus and Mary


Estampa2en.jpgThe essential inspiration of the Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary is found in contemplating, with the Virgin Mary, the Mystery of Christ Crucified. Contemplating him, we discover the human and divine love of the Redeemer. As divine love, it opens for us the mystery of the Trinity. As human love, it is the perfect response of man to the love of God. The Heart of Mary appears in relationship to the Heart of Jesus as the perfect response of a human person to the love of God and man’s colaboration in the mystery of redemption.

1) The love of the Father. The open side of Christ on the cross opens the mystery of his Heart, which is the relationship of love between the Father and the Son. Christ’s intimacy is the Father, by whom he knows himself loved. In his human heart, Jesus is aware and lives in the communion of the eternal love of the Father to the Son in the Trinity in a deeply personal way. Jesus Christ is the Son who loves his Father with all his divine-human being. The love of the Heart of Christ, his human love, is the human expression of his relationship with the Father in the Holy Spirit. The mystery of his interiority, mystery of his human heart, launches us toward the mystery of his Father.

2) The redeeming love of Christ. Christ, out of love for the Father gave himself up for us and loved us “to the end.” (Jn 13:1) This decision of the human will has its origin in love, in the human heart. In the passion and death of Jesus, the redemption can be seen as the work of the human will of Jesus who gives himself up in filial and loving obedience to the Father with the motion of the Spirit. This giving up of himself reaches its summit in the Cross. The blood and water that flow from its side are an inequivocal sign of that totality of the giving of himself. It also reveals the love of the Father: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son.” (John 3:16) In his death and resurrection, Christ “hander over the Spirit,” opening up our humanity to the gift of the Holy Spirit which makes us children of God.

3) The Immaculate Heart of Mary. Mary is the first to contemplate and participate in the mystery of the Redemption. She teaches us to contemplate the mystery of the Heart of Christ and to enter into it. Christ on the cross gives Mary to us as a mother. Contemplating Christ, the disciple receives Mary, the mother of Jesus as his own mother, with filial love. She helps him to listen with a clean and docile heart the words of Jesus who calls him to follow him more closely. Jesus Christ inaugurates the school in which he is the only Teacher, and in which he is what is taught. The disciple learns, under the direction of the Holy Spirit and of the Virgin Mary, to conform himself to the mystery of the Heart of the Redeemer, reproducing in himself the feelings and attitudes of the Lord with respect to the Father and mankind.