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bautismodetalle2en.jpgAs disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the word Discipleship expresses the most fundamental dimension of our relationship with Christ our Teacher. The disciple learns from the Teacher, not in an academic relationship but rather in a communion of life with him. “Jesus went up on a mountainside and called to him those he wanted, and they came to him” (Mc 3,13). This is why our Discipleship could be expressed in three words: contemplation, communion and service.

1) Contemplation of Christ.  The school where the disciple learns to live the mystery of Christ is the cross, which he contemplates together with Mary. The open side of the Redeemer reveals to us the immense love of the Father, and we enter into this mystery through Mary’s heart, learning with and from her to contemplate the crucified. We don’t contemplate Christ alone but in union of hearts with Mary. This way we can recognize this mystery of intimacy with God open to us and inviting us to enter within it. This contemplation affects our entire life. How?

2) To be one with Him. The contemplation of the open side of Christ gives us knowledge of the love of God that is not merely intellectual. It is an invitation, a vocation to live his mystery. Jesus talks to the heart of the disciple and calls him to live in union with him and to be one with him. This new life, which our master calls us to live, we learn to live it with Mary. Mary is the one that teaches the disciples how to live out the love of God in friendship with Christ. All of the dimensions of our being (intelligence, affection, will, desire, corporeity, and heart…) are soaked and transformed by the love of Christ inviting us to partake in his mission.

3) In service to the Church.  This is the third pillar of our “Discipleship”. Our contemplation of the crucified signifies a real configuration with Christ, which leads us to the mission in service of the church. Our ministry comes from a deep intimacy with the Lord, and it is through our daily work that we can give glory to God, taking the people to the heart of Christ and helping them make their lives beautiful and big in friendship with God. Our work is mainly in based on practices and institutions that will help people to discover with enthusiasm their particular vocation to find their journey of holiness, be they children, youth, matrimonies, and to embrace their job, family, and apostolic activity.